a high class bottle for blending everything

Blender Bottle – Must Have for Protein Shakes

The Blender Bottle is a really unique thing. It is very fancy and stylish and at the same time extremely easy to use. Many people around the world have already appreciated its ingenuity and practicability and I am not an exception.

high class bottle for blending everythingI bought this useful devise on the Internet at a very good price. It is a handy bottle with a twist-top and a blender ball that does all the work.

The lid is twisted perfectly; it’s very convenient and tight. The cap on the lid closes with a little effort and with a click, also very tightly and securely. This allows you to shake the bottle quickly and strongly for a long time without being afraid of spilling the contents. However it is not necessary to shake it for a long time thanks to the spiral metal ball-blender that perfectly and thoroughly mixes the gainer powder with water, milk or other substance.

I should also say a few words about the design. The blender is pretty compact and portable. It is made of sleek and solid high quality plastic. Its capacity is 28 ounces, or about 800 ml (828), though the scale ends at 600 ml. The bottle itself is transparent but the lid with a flip cap can be of any color which might go well with the color of your bag or your shoes.

The Blender Bottle definitely has a number of advantages. First of all, it can be used as a shaker to mix up various substances. You can use it to make cocktails and sauces. In my family we also like to use it to make batter for pancakes or to make delicious omelettes. This is an advantage, indeed, as it helps to keep your kitchen clean. Besides, this useful thing looks great in the kitchen and you can choose the color according to the interior.

Second of all, the blender is hermetically sealed so you can take it with you when travelling or going to the gym. Especially it will be perfect for those who like to work out and drink healthy protein cocktails. You can just add all the necessary ingredients, shake it and enjoy a delicious drink.