Different types of proteins

Choosing the Best Type of Protein

The primary property of all proteins is to boost our metabolism. They consist of amino acids, and thanks to that lean muscles are built. It is considered to be the second most plentiful substance in organism after water. Apart from consuming proteins in foods, one can get the necessary amounts of it with the special powder, bars and drinks. Among the foods that contain this biochemical compound there are: cheese, milk, eggs, seafood, fish, lamb, veal, soy, beef as well as poultry.

Another source of protein is protein shakes. Intake of proteins is an important part of any diet. Therefore, protein drinks are gaining popularity among people. Increasingly they are becoming a part of our daily diets: people tend to consume them on a daily basis. The main reason why bodybuilders consume shakes with proteins is to strengthen their muscles and gain muscle mass. This compound helps to rebuild muscle fibres, thus making muscles heal and grow simultaneously. As a rule, athletes drink shakes with proteins before working out in order to enhance energy during a workout period as well as to improve muscles’ capacity for weight lifting.

A lady holds a glass of milkSo, to start with, you need to familiarize yourself with the main types of proteins. They are, namely: whey, casein, soy and egg. Whey is a type of protein that the milk contains. One can get it by curdling milk. Thanks to this type of proteins digestion speeds up. Thus, it absorbs in the organism and, therefore, it provides more energy in the course of workout. Casein is another type of protein; it makes up about eighty percent of cow milk. It is recommended that one should consume it before going to bed or when you are not going to start training, as it doesn’t possess the properties necessary to repair muscles instantly.

Lots of food contains soy proteinSoy is different from the previous types of proteins. It is herb-based and it takes some while before our body absorbs it. For that matter, many people prefer consuming such types of proteins as whey and casein to consuming soy. Egg is a source of important proteinsAnd, last but not least, egg is the biggest source of protein. Though, it is not digested easily, it doesn’t contain fat, carbohydrate or cholesterol. After familiarizing yourself with the major types of protein, you need to choose the most appropriate one. While making a choice, you are advised to turn to a dietitian in order to be aware of all the pros and cons of each type.