whey protein intake

The Most Effective Way to Take Whey Protein

There are many schemes telling how to take whey proteins to achieve the best result. Still, the best result is not in the amounts of protein taken with food or separately from it. The key to success is knowing when to take protein to direct it to target parts of the body.

There has been some research conducted on this matter, and it was purely personal. So, as this piece of advice says, you should take some whey protein 1) right after waking up, 2) before doing your workout (half an hour earlier), 3) after the workout is completed. Why this way? Let’s see.

Early Morning

When you wake up, your body needs some nutrition. Sleep wastes calories, too, and it is a fact. That is why you need to restore everything the body has spent in the night checking all the inner systems, breathing and getting rid of toxins. That is why you should start your day with a whey protein shake. Whey protein is easily digested, so you will not feel any heaviness in your stomach. Take a protein shake and in 45 minutes have a good breakfast that will build up your muscles. Such a scheme will overclock your metabolism, and the result you will see very soon will be delightful for you.

A Daily Workout

whey protein intakeTaking proteins before a workout will make a kind of supercharge. That is, your muscles are full of glycogen, the thing that is spent by the body in the first turn. If you take some whey protein before a workout, it will load your muscles with some glycogen that will be wasted through your training session. At the same time, the amount that was stored in your muscles will be the same. If your workout is going to be somewhat tough, add some carbohydrates to your protein shake.

When the Workout Is Over

After the workout, have another good whey protein shake and add some carbohydrates. Together, they will do wonders for you, and you will see how fast your muscles will grow. Carbohydrates cause production of insulin, and the latter starts processes of making glycogen. Glycogen is quickly processed in muscles and liver giving all the tissues in the body energy and restoring them after workouts. Such a shake should follow the workout in no more than 30 minutes and be followed in its turn by a good meal an hour later. This is an easy, pleasant and quick way to getyour dream muscles with some whey protein.