High Protein Diet Plan Menu

Lots of women are trying enormous numbers of diets during the life in order to look more beautiful. Nowadays protein diets are among the most-used methods to lose weight. The only what is required from you is to start changing the quality and the quantity of meals that you usually have.

It is enough to get just 1500 calories per day for a high index of functioning of our bodies. And it is easy to balance the necessary amount of calories by choosing the right way of nutrition. Starting from now you will get a habit to eat five times a day. It will be divided into breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Such a division has its benefits because it gives you a chance not to feel hungry all the time and to get a fixed number of substances that you need.

For your breakfast you need:

  • To stir four egg whites (it is about three fourths of a cup)
  • To provide yourself with one piece of a toast (multi-grained one)
  • To eat one apple (not a big one)
  • To have one banana (a small one)

Choosing the right high protein diet menu is very importantFor your morning snack you need:

  • To cook or to buy one shake with proteins only (for instance, Myoplex)

For your lunch you need:

  • To get about thirty grams of breast of turkey
  • To add one soup spoon of regular mayo
  • To take two pieces of bread (multi-grained ones)
  • To drink one cup of carrot fresh
  • To use a half of a cup of non-fat curd

For your afternoon snack you need:

  • To include one lump of protein (twenty grams)

For your dinner you need:

  • To roast skinless breast of chicken (medium-sized one)
  • To take one bowl of lentil soup
  • To combine two roots of celery with fatless cream cheese