women should consume enough proteins every day to stay healthy

How Much Protein a Woman Needs Daily

This has been a matter of argument for quite a long time, as there exists an opinion that women do not need a lot of protein and what is more, that it can harm their health. This cannot be completely true, as protein is one of the main building materials for muscles and tissues of the body. So, women do need this element of nutrition, but in which quantities?

Weight and Proteins

The survey conducted right on this subject has proved that not every woman is aware of how much she requires and consumes, while the average daily amount is quite considerable – 50-60 grams of pure protein. There is a more or less official figure of 0.8 grams per each kilo of the general body weight, but here it is necessary to remember another peculiarity. Muscles need and digest more of this element that other tissues, so the bigger the muscular percentage of the entire weight, the more is required and can be absorbed. So, based on this, it is possible to generalize the information into the form of the following table arranged in compliance with the activity of the lifestyle:

Here are the amounts of protein that women need based on the activity level

Types of Food

Besides that, it is necessary to bear in mind the fact that the pure protein can be encountered merely in some processed products, but certain ones can have more of it, and some less. Along with that, it can be mixed with fats or hydrocarbons, so, if the aim of such a diet is to lose weight, it is necessary to choose appropriate food. In the following table, there are several food products that are richer in proteins than others:

Products with high amount of proteins

Yet, it is as well necessary to remember that some food can reveal its components better in combination with other products. For instance, the vital elements from crops can be better digested and absorbed when accompanied with diary. That is why it is better to cook the porridges on milk, possibly, low-fat one, if it is a part of a weight-loss plan. On the other hand, fats that come with nuts or fish are highly useful for the body and help to get rid of toxins and clear the unwanted fat stocks. It is possible to make even such a targeted diet well-balanced, if to combine all the necessary nutrition elements and not to make the body starve for some of them.