Lady consumes a protein shake to lose weight

Losing Weight with Protein Shakes

The endless quantity of gyms, diets and kinds of sports means nothing for a woman who can’t become slimmer. But nowadays dietitians have found a new solution to this problem. Notably, drinking shakes with proteins is a natural and healthy way to keep your body fit and mood cheerful.

It’s a well-known fact, that protein shakes cause the increase of the muscle bulk. And muscles help your organism to lose weight even if you’re not in a gym. Additionally, when a woman becomes older, she fleshes out quicker because of the natural reasons of changes in her organism, as it tends to save more fat and less muscle bulk. Once again, such shakes can help to solve this problem, but not by themselves of course. Drinking protein shakes should be composed with regular trainings and a certain low-calorie diet, and then women will keep their bodies in a great shape.

Another great property of these shakes is their nutritiousness. When you drink a shake with proteins, you feel a long satiation, even though it’s low-calorie. But, don’t forget that if your main aim is to become slimmer, you should drink these shakes that contain a paucity of sugar and a large quantity of fiber and proteins, as these substances secure the long satiation. Also, keeping your blood sugar level balanced is the best way to make your body start burning the fat you have in order to get energy.

According to the research, which was conducted by the ‘Nutrition Journal’, people, who had excess weight, had lost more weight by drinking protein shakes instead of meals once or twice a day during the experiment than people who had stick to the more traditional low-calorie diets. The reason of this effect is quite simple. You lose weight, when you receive fewer calories than you burn. For example, if you replace 300-calorie fried eggs and a 90-calorie cup of coffee with a 155-calorie protein shake, you save 235 calories. And in complex with intensive trainings you’ll get the desired effect pretty quickly.

Protein shakes can also influence our health by increasing metabolism and providing energy. These factors increase our activity and thus help us to burn more calories i.e. fight the overweight. But you should remember that protein shakes don’t contain all the substances, your organism need. For example, no matter how much protein you consume, your body still needs fats and carbohydrates. So, stick to the balanced diet and don’t forget to eat fruit, vegetables, dairy products and grains.