Man and women doing fitness

Why Do Men Need More Protein Than Women?

This biochemical compound is known as one of the most important elements that composes a large part of the human body, especially it is contained in the muscles. It plays a very important role in the right functioning of the human body.

Who Needs More Protein and Why?

Everybody needs proteins, but the human body can’t meet its requirements for these substances itself. That’s why it is important to get proteins from some products (meet, fish, eggs, nuts and so on) and also to know how much protein the body needs.

a man and woman doing fitnessIt is a well-known fact that men need a little more proteins than women every day. It is explained by the differences in the biochemical reactions of men’s and women’s organisms. Men need more protein for the producing of dopamine. Dopamine is an active chemical substance that accompanies the feelings of pleasure or enjoyment. Its deficit can cause the deep depression, emotional inactivity or the serious health problems such as the Parkinson’s disease. Women need less protein because this element can suppress the producing of serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical substance that is responsible for the emotional stability, the body’s temperature and blood pressure, the respiratory and nervous systems. It helps the human body to feel happiness, delight and to be in tonus. Its deficit can damage the person’s health and emotional state. Both dopamine and serotonin influence and control the nervous system of the human organism, that’s why it is very important to regulate the proteins’ intake of your body every day.

What Are the Doses of Proteins for Men and Women?

According to the National Academy of Sciences of the USA there are some recommended doses of proteins for women and men. An adult man should get 56 grams this biochemical compound and an adult woman must consume 46 grams of it every day. But there is one exclusion for pregnant women: they should get even more proteins than men – 71 grams daily. If a person is a sportsman, he or she also must regulate the protein absorption, because it helps to grow the muscle mass or on the contrary to lose weight. It depends on the personal aims of his or her sport activities.

So, proteins are extremely important elements that help the human body to be healthy, strong and to regenerate its cells quickly. Men need more protein than women because of the differences in the organisms’ chemical reactions and the bodies’ needs. It is important to know the needed amount of protein for your body, because its deficit or overweight can damage your health.