Some protein shakes are better be avoided by pregnant women

Usage of Shakes with Proteins for Pregnant Women

The amount of proteins that should be got by women during their pregnancy is increased for this period of time.  It helps much to avoid complications both during a pregnancy itself and during the delivery of a baby.

One of the frequently asked questions is whether it may be harmful to include different protein shakes into the ration. The truth is that in most cases they are composed from the elements that are required a lot. There are soy and whey proteins among them. At the same moment, other elements may be found in a composition of such a shake because it is also meant to be taken by women who keep to a diet or by men who use it as a sport nutrition. What are those elements? In some cases it is an increased level of the vitamins and herbs that are better to limit or to avoid at all. In other ones, that may be artificial sweeteners. These are the main reasons to make shakes with proteins on your own. They will “save” from extra calories because the ones that may be bought usually have an excessive amount of calories for pregnant women. So, it’s better to choose home-made ones. The best ingredients to choose are milk, fruits and yogurt.

Soy Proteins

This type of protein is often used as a replacement of those proteins that have an animal nature. Its main advantage is a low substance of saturated fats. A reduction of cholesterol levels is reasonable, or cholesterol may be absent at all. Soy milk delivers vitamin D that helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphates.

Whey Proteins

Some milk, cheese and yoghurt are the main sources that contain whey proteins. This form of proteins has a positive influence on the immune system of a pregnant woman. It also takes part in an enrichment of a nutrient content for such a period of time.

Artificial Sweeteners

There are lots of disputes about artificial sweeteners. According to numerous researches, some of them may cause certain DNA damages, that’s why it is a “must” to exclude them from the nourishment. They may often be used in protein shakes but far not always. It is possible to find shakes that contain natural sweeteners, such as stevia, fructose and lactose.

It is easy to find lots of information about advantages and disadvantages of protein shakes for pregnant women. Reading all of the pros and cons, it is better not to neglect a visit to a doctor, because there should be an individual approach according to some diseases and to some individual changes that may often happen during pregnancy.