Protein Sources for Pregnant Women

Proteins are major elements for pregnant women because they assist in an enzyme formation, hormones appearance, antibodies and plasma proteins creation. Proteins are also responsible for development of a fetus, placenta and amniotic tissues. There are proteins of the animal and plant nature.

 Animal Nature:

  • Dairy – all the dairy products contain omega-3 fatty acids besides proteins that are highly concentrated in them. It helps in a good development of a child.
  • Meat and Fish – in spite of a high index of proteins, it is better to increase the amount of fish for a daily nutrition than to increase a meat consumption. Those proteins, that are a part of such products, are important for formation of nails, bones. They are also irreplaceable for a muscle development.
  • Eggs – this product has choline additionally to proteins. That element is required for a normal functioning of a pregnant woman’s brain and memory.
  • Sea Food – the protein content is low-calorie, and such a type of the food will provide with selenium components that can prevent from a preterm delivery.

Plant Nature:

  • Vegetables – vegetables have elements that take part in a tissue formation, that is why it is impossible to avoid them.
  • Broad Beans – broad beans are famous for amino acids and protein concentration in high amounts. These products are needed for a cell formation of a fetus.
  • Nuts – it’s a perfect solution for pregnant women, because different types of nuts are good not only because of proteins but because of their fusion with other useful substances. For instance, almonds are full of vitamin E that stabilizes a cell membrane condition.
  • Papaya – again, a complex of proteins and vitamin C. Lots of women suffer from toxicosis. That is the product that helps if not to avoid it at all, then to reduce it a lot.
  • Bran – some of birth defects may be passed by if bran becomes a normal part of meals. It happens because of vitamin B and of folic acids.

If a woman gets enough of proteins during the whole period of pregnancy, it helps to avoid such feelings as tiredness and irritability. And if a pregnant woman doesn’t take care of getting enough of such a component, it may lead to edema problems. Anemia may be one of the aftereffects as well as some liver diseases. It will be the best if the woman, who is expecting for a child, can get a professional help addressing a nutritionist, who could help to compose the right diet to deliver a healthy baby after nine months. Or it is even better to think about it before pregnancy.