High protein diet might have some side effects

Side Effects of a High Protein Diet

Before you stick to a high protein diet, you should be informed that it has a number of side effects. It imposes restrictions to practice such a diet to some people who has certain problems with their health. There are such side effects:


Doctors label ketosis as a metabolic disease that provokes some health problems. This process in your body may become a reason of tiredness, sleepiness, slowness as your metabolism is not as fast as always. When your high protein diet is ceased, you get back to normal at once. Also, it’s impossible to avoid the process of formation of ketone bodies. In some cases it may cost you your life because of high level of acid. Ketosis is negative for your mental abilities and has a bad influence on your flexibility. After all, it gives a bigger load on your kidneys that is far from a good factor.

Kidney damage

When you are on such a type of a diet, this way you create an additional work to your kidneys and it is not something to boast of. You get a high content of proteins together with the minerals that are received in bigger portions that you need. There are calcium, sodium and potassium among them. Your kidneys won’t like too big content of proteins in your body.

Dietary deficiency

You have very severe limits of what you can it and what is better to exclude. You are left without lots of vitamins and useful substances that are necessary for your normal functioning and for normal vital activities. You will lose weight but there is a chance to lose your health together with that weight.


This is a kind of a disease when tissue of bones starts disappearing. In most cases older women have a bigger risk to face such a problem but it’s better to be on a safe side. It doesn’t matter how old you are, before you start sticking to this high protein diet, check up with your dietitian whether such a diet is allowed personally to you.