woman is experiencing some side effects of too much whey protein

Side Effects of Too Much Whey Protein for Women

Whey proteins are heavily promoted in the sphere of sportsmen, but manufacturers and retailers show only positive sides of these food supplements. They rarely inform their customers on how, when and in which amounts to take these supplements in the right way. This is why some women become sure that they will not do their bodies any harm taking as much protein as they can. Still, as researches show, whey protein can have several negative effects on bodies of women who take too much of it.

It Affects Kidneys and Liver

First of all, as any protein in excessive quantities, it affects kidneys and liver. Healthy women will hardly notice anything wrong with these organs, but ones with  weak health or chronic diseases in this sphere are likely to feel a negative impact. These organs belong to the excretory and detoxification systems: excessive amounts of protein can do them a lot of harm due to an overload. Women who are losing weight dramatically can experience the same effect: their bodies are usually too exhausted by diets.

It Causes Allergic Reactions

An excessive intake of whey protein can also cause allergies. Those women who are intolerable to lactose or cannot digest anything connected to milk are very likely to have serious health troubles. Allergic reactions can show up even in healthy women: they usually experience skin disorders, itching and swelling. Sometimes this swelling can affect their throats and tongues, which leads to choking in many cases. Allergies are a health condition that requires an intensive immediate treatment.

It Causes Osteoporosis

woman is experiencing some side effects of too much whey proteinToo much protein that is broken up by the body into amino acids can raise the level of blood acidity. As a result, this acid will ruin cells of bones causing osteoporosis. This is usually a health trouble that affects women during their menopause, but it can also be found in young girls taking too much whey protein. Some ladies tend to solve this trouble with the help of additional calcium, but too much of it gets stored in their bodies as kidney stones.

Sometimes, instead of such a desirable weight loss, women suffer from  dramatic obesity. There is an opinion that proteins will do no harm to a woman’s figure, but it is mistaken. Proteins can easily be stored in the body as fat tissues; it happens often with women about forty. That is why a diet that involves proteins should be balanced in such a way to provide the body with all essential elements. So, it will not store just all food it receives in fat.

There are other health troubles connected to overdosing proteins: headaches, ketosis, dehydration, etc. All these symptoms can be eliminated by reduction of the amount of proteins consumed with food or supplements.